Laura Faye Smith

Laura Faye Smith is an LA-based voice actor, best known for voicing Princess Rosalina for Nintendo’s Super Mario Brothers games (starting with Super Mario 3D World in 2013) and Noelle in Genshin Impact. She has also voiced Kana (male) for Nintendo’s English cast of Fire Emblem Fates, Tamara “Meds” Melari in the ongoing sci-fi audiodrama The Sojourn, as well as numerous characters for Mad Head Games. She has done an extensive amount of commercials, dubbing, theatre, and audiobooks. She appeared as DeEtta Calvert on NBC’s Grimm, and has also appeared in TNT’s Leverage, Brat TV’s Chicken Girls, and Investigation Discovery’s Betrayed and Stranger Among Us.

You can find her on Twitter or Instagram at @laurafayesmith.

Jan 29th 2022 Pasadena Convention Center

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