Guest Announcement Chuck Patton

Chuck Patton on DC Comics’ Justice League of America in the 1980s, specifically for the period in which the team relocated to Detroit and was staffed with new, multicultural super-heroes. With writer Gerry Conway, Patton created Gypsy and Vibe, as well as redesigning Vixen and Steel, The Indestructible Man.

In 1988, after half a decade in the comics industry, Patton became disillusioned with comics and moved into children’s television animation. He was living in Los Angeles by this time, which is where most animated series were produced. Patton’s credits include Dinosaucers, G.I. Joe, Captain N: The Game Master, The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas, and Teen Titans. Patton has become a successful animation director, helming such projects as Dead Space: Downfall, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Todd McFarlane’s Spawn, for which Patton garnered an Emmy Award for “Outstanding Animated Program”.

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